Agile Kata Coach

Course description

An Agile Kata Coach is an individual seeking to master the integration of Agile coaching skills with the continuous improvement practices of the Agile Kata. Our dynamic course creates a unique experience for everyone interested in the application of this universal pattern for change. Participants will learn to apply the Agile Kata through deliberate practice and hereby improve team  performance, drive agile transformations, and business agility. Simultaneously, the course emphasizes developing essential coaching, mentoring, and teaching skills to lead agile teams effectively toward more agility. This comprehensive training will equip learners with the tools to serve as both Kata-lysts for agile change and role models for teams and leaders aiming for high performance.


  •  Create an agile coaching mindset.
  • Develop a deep understanding of Agile Kata as a tool for continuous improvement and coaching.
  • Acquire and refine agile coaching skills, including professional coaching, mentoring, and teaching.
  • Coaching toward high-performing teams.
  • Create safe environments for meaningful collaboration and resolve
    conflicts within agile teams.
  • Foster a coaching mindset that embraces the principles of Agile Kata
    for sustained agile transformations.
  • Navigate the roles and responsibilities of an Agile Coach within the context of Agile Kata practices.
  • Create coaching contracts and alliances

We will cover the following topics:

  • The Foundation of the Agile Kata
  • Agile Kata for individuals, teams, or organization.
  • Development in the Agile Coaching Discipline
  • Coach as a Professional Coach, Mentor, Teacher or
  • Team Coach
  • Setting Boundaries for Agile Coaching.


While not mandatory, having some experience in agile coaching can be beneficial.

Who should attend?

  • Agile Coaches
  • Scrum Masters
  • Project Managers
  • Leaders and Change Agents who lead or work with Agile teams and
    are passionate about elevating their Agile coaching and transformation

How much does it cost and how to register?

  • Course fee: 26500.  Early bird price 24500 NOK until 10th. july. 2024. Registration fee  cannot be refunded unlerss doctor approved sickness.

You register via email to . Your email should contain the following information:

  • First name
  • Last name
  • email address
  • Invoice information

This accredited and certified course is delivered through a mix of theoretical instruction and practical application. It includes interactive sessions, case studies, and hands-on exercises to ensure participants can apply the concepts learned to their daily work and organizational challenges.

Participants will receive two certifications. The popular ICPACC Agile Coach Certification by ICAgile and Agile Kata Pro.

Date and place

– Wednesday, August 28th 2024 kl. 09:00 – 16:00

– Thursday, August 29th 2024 kl. 09:00 – 16:00

– Friday, August 30th 2024 kl. 09:00 – 15:00

The course will be held in person Central place in Oslo, Norway

Joe Krebs

Instructor 1/2

Joe is the Creator of the Agile Kata and this Agile Kata Pro certification program. He is a life-long learner, host of the Agile.FM podcast, author, and a certified trainer who certifies Scrum Master, Agile Coaches and Agile Leaders.

Joe has delivered an agile curriculum to thousands of professionals around the globe. His quest for helping organizations to change to a new way of working is directly connected to the creation of the Agile Kata.

Joe founded Incrementor, an agile coaching, training and talent company back in 2009. Three years. in a row, Incrementor made the prestigous INC 5000 ist. 


Hussam Ahmad

Instructor 2/2

Hussam is a senior coach and instructor with 3 decades behind himself in the global IT industry. He has contributed to ground-breaking technological innovations at both large and smaller companies in the world.

Hussam helps companies create business value by orchestrating teams, getting people to work together towards common goals and reducing waste and delays.

He is a lifelong learner and team player with humility and passion for; lean-agile management and methodology, authorship, sharing, fostering community, a strong desire to collaborate and grow with others.

Specialties: Lean Agile Coaching, guidance and change management, design of sustainable teams, software and architectures.


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Det handler om folk og flyt. Sunn fornuft satt i system basert på erfaringer høstet gjennom et langt liv kombinert med velprøvde prinsipper, praksiser og ferdigheter for å nå forretnings smidighet ved bruk av Lean Agile metoder.